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Fair Launch

NO Pre-sale. NO Private-sale. NO Community-sale. NO Dev Reserve. NO Marketing Reserve. Really, NO S**t.

Fair Trade

NO Buying Tax. NO Selling Tax. NO Marketing Tax. NO Development Tax. NO Governance Tax. Really, NO S**t.

Fair Supply

NO Minting. NO Burning. NO Holding. NO Staking. NO Starting. NO Pausing. NO LP Tokens. Really, NO S**t.

But Why

Tired of nonsense whitepapers. Tired of gimmicks. Tired of frauds and fake endorsements. Really, that's enough!

At Launch

Limited supply of 51 Million LAUDE deposited in Pancakeswap. All LP Tokens burned. Ownership renounced.

To Trade

Maximum 5100 LAUDE per holder. The Coin of the People and for the People. No Sharks. No Whales. No S**t.